Welcome Mikey Stanley

Last Week we welcomed our Newest AM rider Mikey Stanley. With a heavy set of tricks Mikey fits the bill perfectly with a combination of gnar and no fucks given when it comes to skating both in the streets and in the park. Mikey is born and raised in the Richmond, Va. suburbs of Hopewell. Joining the AM team Mikey has immediately started filming so he can meet the same deadline that all other Resurgent Riders have been given to complete their video parts. Because of this we have sooooo much footage we want to show you already, but have to sit on it for a few until the part drops. Keep your eyes open, there is lots to come from Mikey, as well as his teammates.

Meet Mikey in his brief welcome video above, and check him out below as he helps show off the new Resurgent 2017 Spring goods.

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Richmond, Virginia