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Keys to Getting Sponsored - Turning Passion into Profit

October 6, 2017

Many dream of getting sponsored and paid to pursue their passions.


Imagine getting free product, traveling the world and skating some of the best parks or street spots and getting paid to do what you love.  Now that is a dream come true!


There is much more to getting sponsored in skateboarding than just going out and ripping the streets.  Lets not twist this up, of course you have to be able to skate on a high level, but that is just the start of it all.

In this article, you are going to learn what it really takes to get sponsored by Resurgent Skateboards.


On a daily basis I get emails and messages from skaters of all ages from around the world.  Each one with the same request "Can you sponsor me?".  There is not a single request that goes unanswered, but the reply is often the same "Yes, but not based off this simple request".  Some of these requests come with a sponsor me edit they have thrown together, some do not.  Below you will find the steps it takes for Resurgent to decide if you are a good fit for the team.


Key #1 - Making a Unique Sponsor Me Video



Make your first impression count

Video is going to play a major part in our decision.  Not only do we want to see your skill set, we also want to see what quality footage we can expect from you.  If your filming footage from a phone it is not going to be of the same quality from a DSLR, VX etc. 

Filming and Editing a Great Sponsor Me Tape

  • Skate the streets.  We all skate park but when it comes time for a video part the streets are where creativity shines. I see so much dope park footage, if you can do it at the park you can do it in the streets.

  • Keep your video about 2-4 min long.  Only including your best tricks.

  • Film in a variety of spots and be creative with your tricks, show us your style.

  • Keep the transitions simple and minimal.

  • Choose your music with caution, better yet don't use any at all...

When you have your Sponsor Me Tape all put together you can do a couple different things to prepare to get it to us.

  1. Post it online, places like YouTube are a great way to publish it for ease of access.

  2. Use a file transfer service like you can send up to 2GB for free to any email address

  3. Place it in a .zip file and email it the old fashion way.  Most email services will only allow files of about 25mb so this may not be your best option

So your all set to send in your tape now what?

Tell us who you are and where your from, as well as how old you are.

Let us know several ways you can help Resurgent if we sponsor you.  Lets be honest you have to bring some value to the table.  We can't just hand out free boards with little to nothing in return.  Everyone has value, we want to hear about yours. Maybe your big on social media edits, you win contests often and could bring brand recognition that way.

Tell us your goals and future plans within your life.  Share your vision with us of how riding for Resurgent Skateboards would go.


You can send your stuff to



Key #2 - Passion for Skateboarding


Regardless of what you do in your life you must always remain passionate about it.  For us at Resurgent skateboarding is our passion, this is not a time killer its a lifestyle and we love every bit of it.


When you love skateboarding you have fun while doing it, sure missing tricks is frustrating but it won't cause you to give up or quit.  When your in love with skateboarding being sponsored or not will not affect the way you skate.

We want to see hungry skaters that are out enjoying themselves, not just skaters trying too hard to get sponsored.  The difference is obvious and it shows in your skating.


Skateboarding was meant to be fun, if you keep it that way the rest will follow.  Of course getting sponsored will be in the back of your mind here and there, don't push so hard for it to make it happen.  If your talents and personality speak for themselves someone is going to notice.


Just as we want to see you passionate about skateboarding we want to know you are passionate about Resurgent as well.  Now I am not saying you should buy tons of product from